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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

This is precisely why I get ticked off at GC every single time I walk in there. Always new people in the drum department, who may or may not know about drums, and/or if I want a part, they don't have it, but hell, they can order it! I CAN ORDER IT!! Geez!

I totally agree with the drum head situation. They carry a really bad stock of heads or cymbals. All I've seen were used Zildjians, and an usually high number of low end Zildjians. When I was buying new bass drum heads, they didn't even have in stock the same brand in the same size!! All I needed were two!

I've seen so many Tama and Pearl kits I can vomit. Maybe I want something different? Nope, not stocked!!

Mr. E's did carry the Gretsch Maple kits normally for $750, but they loaded the kit with a throne, cymbal stands, etc. which jacked up the price and they wouldn't break it apart to sell only a stand, or the kit separately.

And I can fully agree with the preteen 8th graders taking up space at GC and just farting around on a kit for 30 minutes. I had to tell the clerk behind the counter I couldn't hear what he was saying because three punks were just banging around on the kits, not caring if they hit too hard or what. No rhythm at all. No concept of beat. Annoying.

Yeah, D/FW really needs a good drum shop. Especially Fort Worth and Arlington.
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