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Default Re: Jon Fishman

" His ability to hear, lock into, and drive the deep improvisation of Phish is magical... "

thanks for starting this oh-so-well-deserved thread. I have been a Phish fan since the early 90s and even in 2010, post break-up and reunion, the band just continues to surprise, surprise, surprise. While I have never seen him live, I've had my share of stacking up on concert tapes. That said, I do love him in the song format on Phish records, one of my favourites being Rift.
Studying Jon is a veritable lesson in styles and if I may add, dynamics. The way he approaches the instrument in a song-based format and takes it to another level still awes me, every time I listen. Wish I would meet him, just some day. Thanks again for this thread.
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