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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

Originally Posted by evolving_machine View Post
I am sorry to say Harry, that if you are suggesting to just purchase on the web, you do not understand the purpose of what I am suggesting here.
See, this is just a base flaw, in the forum type thang. You want to buy a Pearl Reference drum set ... maybe ..... and it only took us up to post #78, to get to that point. Certainly, no harm, no foul, that's just the way the system works, sometimes.
Azrae1l see's where I'm coming from. When reality ... and our "wishful thinking" just don't match up at all.
So now, we can forget all about this..."Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores."
And we can forget all about this... "These show-case stores would not be in every location."
Now we can go here.
Originally Posted by evolving_machine View Post
I like the Pearl Reference from what I have seen on the web, the Pearl lifetime warranty and the workmanship I may go that route. But, I am taking a chance, because I can not seem to find them in any of the stores within an hour and a half from here.
Probably tru that. I live in Los Angeles, and I don't think I could find a Reference kit, set up, for me to demo. I've heard them. I've played them. If I wanted to buy one, I'd probably find one used on eBay, and save a boatload of money. The last time I saw a "gently used" Reference kit at the local Guitar Center, they wanted $1899, for a 4 piece kit. Not a bad price. You can "search" on line for "used" Guitar Center gear. If you have a Guitar Center near you, they could "probably" ship any kit to any store.
They're nice kits, just not my cup-o-tea, so to speak. That's why I drive a 30 year old Ludwig kit (that cost me $1100) and a 17 year old Yamaha Recording Custom kit (that cost me $995). I hope you do buy "your" Pearl Reference kit, and post pictures of it.
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