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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

i like your ideas but i would have to agree with harry. just from a business standpoint, if you were to only put one store in each capital city, that's 50 stores from a distributing company with over head for a large store to house each of their own lines. for a company like pearl that's a lot of drum kits in varying models and styles along with all their side products like racks and pedals, stands and what not. that could easily fill a store larger then your average guitar center, maybe twice as large, to sell absolutely nothing. that's a lot of overhead to not sell a product at all. your talking 10's of thousands each month for each store to not sell a thing, not to mention the cost of the products your going to house in these stores, wear and tear on these products and upkeep, the amount of money in heads alone, cymbals, broken parts, staffing. look at 1 high end kit alone, you could easily spend 3-4 g's on a shell pack, hardware, cymbals, heads, sticks, you could reach 6 g's easily. then you need 1 of each kind of wood, that could be 5 or 6 types of shells. multiply that by 50 stores, that's only one line your over 1.5 million and that's just the drum kits. granted thats not what these kits cost the manufacturer but that's 1.5 million in potential profits lost on nothing. then you could have 5-10 lines plus all the side products plus labor, plus overhead. your talking a tremendous amount of money and goods to compete with stores already carrying your products and doing all your sales for you for free. granted this might pick up sales a little but not nearly enough to recoup what they lost in supplying these products alone. now you talk about competing companies going in together to house all their products with no sales, sorry but that's just not going to happen. no company actually wants a side by side comparison on their products vs. another company of equal standing. tama, yamaha, gretsch and pearl will NEVER concede to work together to be able to compete with each other,invest all this money and product to not make a sale and still compete and still using the same sales staff to give you a coupon to get their products cheaper then what they are currently selling them for for free.

i'll concede i think the idea of such a store is a fabulous idea and i would drive hours to a store i knew had exactly what i wanted on hand for me to try, even if i already knew i had to order it online. i would still get to touch it and see it and make up my mind instead of buying blindly based on hear-say. i honestly wish such a store existed, i would be there every free minute i had, but from a business aspect this is just not cost effective or practical by any means and these businesses are here to make money not to please us. as much as these companies make it sound like we matter and we're important, we don't and we're not. our money matters and their not going to spend more money to make a little when they can do nothing for it for free. they have other companies competing to carry their lines by making more sales for free. mapex i know for a fact requires a minimum of sales for their top lines just to remain a dealer, we're talking orions not horizons here. if you don't sell a certain amount of orions, their top of the line kits, per year they drop you as a dealer and it costs them nothing. these stores come to them and make sales in return for a piece of the profit and your talking about making all the work the work of the supplier when they now get it for nothing, actually having people throw themselves at them to carry their products. if you sold lollipop, would you spend $100 to showcase your suckers when 1000 other people want to do it for you for free?

it really is a good idea just not realistic by any means........

wow, all that while extremely drunk? i surprise myself sometimes............
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