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Alex has come a long way as a Drummer in terms of his playing abilities, he's ranked as a solid rock&roll Drummer. His snare sound was his own (much like his brother's guitar) and we all came to know Alex as having the sickest drumsets around at the time. I think his best drumset creation ever made was the monster he built himself (with professional design guidence from Ludwig) in the "Jump" video. Its the Cadilac of drumsets in that its a true classic. And aside from its visual attractiveness, its a practical setup because all drums are reachable (mostly custom roto-toms) and the two outter bassdrums have speaker woofers & horn, inside them to boost the bass & low's of his live sound. The two inner bassdrums are played on and are of course the sound source routed out toward the other two outter bassdrums woofers. You can imagine the amount of amps going through the wires especially at their volume, and that explains the 2 fire extinguishers mounted on the outter bassdrums of his kit. You can see them by watching the jump video. I'm sure its obvious that this kit was (and still is) very inspirational to me, and others I'm sure........LOL

But yeah, Alex is the man!

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