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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
I disagree. I think I understand perfectly ... your proposal.
I am sorry to say Harry, that if you are suggesting to just purchase on the web, you do not understand the purpose of what I am suggesting here.

It is easy to purchase on the web. I was looking for a new snare drum, either I take a chance and purchase on the web without knowing what the product sounds and feels like, or I can visit a store and see the snare drums.

I am now looking for a new kit. I like the Pearl Reference from what I have seen on the web, the Pearl lifetime warranty and the workmanship I may go that route. But, I am taking a chance, because I can not seem to find them in any of the stores within an hour and a half from here. I would gladly travel three hours just to check out this set before I make the purchase.

Musical instruments are different from other large ticket purchases. There are subtle differences in the products that make it desirable or not to the customer. A car, I think is easier to purchase on the web. However I do not recommend buying one without actually touching the exact model you plan to purchase.

I do apologize if you feel I was being condescending. But that was not the intent or the effect I was after.
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