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Default Re: When Something Goes Wrong...

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Hahaha, nice one Luke, but you didn't hit him low enough! Kit's sounding cool, & I like your playing. Crisp, clean & purposeful.

Most of my funny bits have happened at gigs. Many years ago, we had a 300lb woman charge at the singer at full speed. She tripped over a monitor & stopped just short of my kit. Phew! Serious train crash potential right there. She did take out a set of floor lights though.

Oh, almost forgot, at a recent demo studio recording session, our singer decided to drop his jeans, put a sock on his vegetables, & stride into the control room. Luckily, I'd finished my tracking, but the keys guy just had to stop playing. At that moment, the photographer walked in, but thankfully left his wife in the reception area. The sound guy certainly thought it was a studio first! We do have photographic & video evidence of this, but I can't post it as the band wants to keep something back for future leverage, plus Polly would get far too excited for her own good.
Oh dear heavens, both of those stories had me cracking up! Especially the second one with your dig at Polly, LOL!
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