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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
So, how many "show case stores" do you want. One in Los Angeles ... one in New York? One in "every" large US city? There is no way these stores would ever pay for themselves. With 12 + NAMM shows under my belt, I can tell you that manufactures are "downsizing", and have been, year after year. The "glory" days of 1994 are ... gone ... 16 years gone.
Yeah, you have a lot of very "expensive" details, you need to hammer out.
A manufacture doesn't need to count coupons, to know how many high-end kits they sold. They have bookkeepers/accountants that tell them "how much profit they're making, or not.
For that matter, why would Yamaha, Pearl, and Tama even "want" to throw money away, in the US. The new markets, India ... and China ... that's where Japan ... and a lot of US manufactures, are turning their attention to. It's probably gonna take the US 10 years, to dig itself out of the hole it's in.
I am not sure you understand the purpose of what I am proposing. It is an alternative to the Guitar Centers and the Sam Ash chain stores that buy in bulk and only have in their stores what they get in a large volume discounts.

Yes, I have not thought out all the permutations and all the possibilities of what this would look like; I am making a proposal as an alternative. This is not a thesis paper, nor is it a business plan; it is a discussion amongst fellow drummers. The details are not really hard to work out provided some of the large manufactures would take on this endeavor. But, if you like the current situation, you do not need to be upset at this proposal and please go on with your life when you go into a Guitar Center and they do not have any of the products you are looking for, or they try to sell you a year’s supply of soap.

I did not think of the show-case stores when I first started this post. It was after I saw so many fellow drummers that were frustrated with their own Guitar Centers that I asked myself what could be done differently. Now, if you can come up with a better solution for an alternative to the Guitar Centers, I will not hold back and fight you on it.
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