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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
I .My actual disdain for Travis Barker stems just from matters of taste. What he plays is just not very tasteful. Playing lots of notes isn't always the best thing.

that is what pop-punk music calls for though. if he played a realy funky groove behind all the power chords and fast guitars it would sound like absolute crap. am i right? he plays pop-punk drums for pop-punk music. if its transplants he plays hip-hop/rap stuff. he plays whatever the music calls for. hes recorded for pink black eyed pes bubba sparxxx and the list gows on. when he started playing drums his teacher taought him jazz and nothing else. in an interview he said he would take rock records in and the teacher woulndt show him that because all he would do was jazz. im just saying listen to alot of his different songs and recordings and you will see he plays what the music calls for.
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