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Default Re: What would you not tell your wife, or girlfriend.

Originally Posted by Woz.275 View Post
Are you trying to say that this thread is a troll thread.

You plank, get a life mate, do you not have anything better to do than to write about bloody meatloaf, - insinuating that this is a Troll.

This was meant to be a light harted attempt at humour.

So when does one person decide its a troll tread, does Average speak for everyone else.

If you all think that way, then post your thoughts on this line, and if the majority all think that way, then i shall stop my attempt at humour.

Bloody meat loaf, sort your life out for the real world.

Even better, why not let Bernard decide if he thinks its a Troll Thread or not, as Average you may just have the personality, of a very bitter and twisted man who just wants to spread misary around the world.

Try Smiling from time to time, it does help.
It certainly didn't seem like a troll thread to me until this ^^^^ post. As a thread poster, you have to accept that people are going to respond the way that THEY are going to respond. If you have any expectations of how you think they *should* respond, you're setting yourself up for severe disappointment.

Calling other people names or insulting them is totally uncalled for. In fact, I think it's against the forum rules...

Originally Posted by Woz.275 View Post
My problem is, why should i put up with people, trying to make the thread that i started to be humourous, and make people smile, to be seen as some thing detramentle and demeaning by others, for their own purpose.

And as for me being insulting to people, who are demeaning me,
"for their own purpose"? "who are demeaning me"? I think you're reading WAY too much into someone ELSE'S attempt at humour.

This is generally a fun-loving, peaceful, CIVIL forum. Let's try to keep it that way.
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