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ok much stuff by travis barker have you heard? if dennis chambers or all of those drummers with deep pockets that are realy funky and whatnot was to do a fast as hell single stroke roll around the kit you would be impressed. hell everyone is impressed when buddy rich does it. whats the difference? go to and watch the travis barker solo that is on there. watch the hole thing. on a different video of the same solo hes playing with a broken right foot so his left foot is playing via a double bass pedal. can you do that? if you want to see that video you have to go to blink 182s website and watch it (which i doubt you will). its playing the bass drum with a double peday because he broke his right foot. all he uses is a single pedal but have to have a double pedal for that solo so he could play his bass drum. then go over to and click downloads and watch his videos of him recording and stuff. then come back here and post on what you think.
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