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Default Re: Too Sensitive?

The guy is gone now. Survival of the fittest. Yes it's a horrible tragedy for the ones that he left behind. Nothing will ever compensate them for their loss. But now, the attention should be focused on the ones who humiliated him. There should be some kind of payment/punishment for this. So what, are the ones who caused this just free to continue on with their life? That's wrong and unfair. A message needs to be sent so in the future, hopefully these same types of people will think twice and stop themselves before publicly humiliating someone. I really do believe in an eye for an eye. I despise it when the criminal gets the better end of the deal. These people should be taken to task and made to pay somehow, in a major way. Like they now have to pay the taxes that the dead guy would have paid, at the very least. Responsibility needs to be shouldered by them.
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