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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd, been away from DW for a bit but wanted to say hi!

I FINALLY got my hands on your signature Promark stick... WOW, if I had to write only ONE thing about them, it's that they practically play themselves. I have never had a stick that felt so well-balanced and so effortless to play. Great quality from Promark as usual - these sticks take a real beating too!

Normally, I'm more of a fan of a 5A/5B diameter but the .600 wasn't too overbearing - probably b/c I'm also used to playing VF SD9 Drivers, which are .610.... The stick still felt great in the hand. I think if I were to customize it even more to my own personal perfection, I would make it Maple, .575 diameter, and 16.25 in length....

Still a wonderful product and I'll be sure to keep em in my bag.. good job Todd!

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