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Default Re: Troll Control.

ok i'll comment one more time.

my attitude is not missplaced in the least. i don't take stalking trolls lightly in the least. have i been known to give out personal info to them and wait outside my house? yes i have. if you have any inclinations of somebody stalking you the worst thing you can do is to take to a public forum and make yourself a target, which is why i find this a bit inappropriate. which is also why i said it should be taken up privately with bernhard and let him handle it. if people find out personal information and start calling you at all hours of the night call the police and let them handle it, thats their job. all this is doing is fueling the fire, so yeah, let it go. i don't disagree with your stance that people need to take a stance and not let these guys walk all over them but wouldn't you agree you need to take the appropriate actions and let the people best suited to deal with it, deal with it? instead of the vigilantie approach and cuase yourself more troubles?
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