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Default Re: What would you not tell your wife, or girlfriend.

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
Here's my take on this and I've been married for twenty years.

Yes, there are things I don't tell my wife. Here is why. I still have a life, I have the life I had when she met me and the life I had when we got married and that life didn't go anywhere after I got married.

Now, that life is mine, it is nobody else's. And I see no reason to be convinced that my wife would prefer that I stop living that life, even though there are parts of that life that have nothing to do with her.

I can tell you right now that my wife doesn't tell me everything she does for one simple reason: it's none of my business. I don't want my wife to become any of the sterotyped things a wife/companion is supposed to be. When I met her she was a very interesting individual and I like her just that way to this very day.

She's her own person and I am my own person. And we sure do have a hell of a lot of fun when we hang out, just the two of us.
I like this, as I'm very, VERY libertarian. No one has a higher claim to you than you, yourself. We exist as individuals and define our own relationships...there is no standard.
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