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Default Re: What would you not tell your wife, or girlfriend.

A middle aged couple are sitting in a nice restaurant having a nice dinner.

A younger woman walks up, and gives the husband a long deep kiss, then says "see you later" as she walks away.

The wife is furious and demands to know what just happened.

The husband says "that's my mistress".

The wife exclaims "that does it, I want a divorce".

The husband replies "OK, we can get a divorce. But that means no more European vacations. We'd have to sell off the vacation cabin, and our luxury cars. No more diamond jewelry at Christmas. And this would mean we'd have to get rid of our nice house and each get small apartments."

Just then, one of their old male friends walks by with a young lady around his arm.

"Who is that??" the wife asks.

"Oh, that's his mistress" the husband replies.

The wife thinks for a second, and the says "ours is prettier" and goes back to eating.

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