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Default Re: Too Sensitive?

Dude, being a teenager, or a kid for that matter, sucks.

At least, now it does.

Part of the reason people are bullied is this:

"Without a them, there wouldn't be an 'us'."

I've said this before: humans are social creatures. Being ostracized or feeling so is a dangerous thing for the psyche, and it's how bullies win. They practically steal plenty of key things from a person in one fell swoop. Self-esteem, confidence, whatever. And then the people who don't even bully you laugh at you. You're now the bottom of the pile.

And, if you were raised to be a good person, often there's an inner conflict. You want to do something about it, like fight back, but you know that doing so would be wrong. There's the possibility that you'd even get in trouble for it, and then if that does happen, it would easily discourage you from trusting the system that promises that stuff like this wouldn't happen.

It boils down to loneliness.
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