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Originally Posted by skippy
he is the reason i began playing drums but gadd weckle and all those greats are the reason for me to still play. barkers stuff is good it taught me to how to be fast. his transplants stuff is different and the newest transplants cd has a latin style song there is some jazzish stuff if diverse but alot of people think fast and famous when they hear his name. but hes rad.
No, the fast and famous part didn't confuse me. His music has nothing to do with jazz, nor has it ever been jazzish. Salsa on a hamburger won't turn it into a Mexican dish. The same applies here. I'm not saying he's a bad drummer. He's just not this.

And luke-ep, please identify the rudiments you equate with jazz, because I was under the impression that the same ones applied to all music. Guys like Barker have their press agents use terms like jazzish and jazz influenced to elevate the gravitas of their clients. After a while enough people repeat this stuff to where it becomes the lie that is agreed upon. But's not true.
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