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Default Re: Troll Control.

umm... not correct on any of it.

i haven't taken an english class in 20 years.
i have 2 brothers, neither of which i was at their wedding and not married to a blond.... and i can't dance to save my life
my car is silver and has all it's hubcaps.
i have no black and white photos, i'm a novice drummer at best. i'm actually a guitarist and singer and if i was to turn pro it would be in one of those 2 areas. and i hate having my picture taken by anybody so chances are it isn't out there.
performance art well..... i duno maybe. since music can be classified as a performance art well then thats just obvious really.
my name is andrew not.... aryelle? where's that even from anyway? oh, and i'm a guy not a chick.....
i don't hide any information about myself or try to avoid giving details, i'm just to lazy to type it out for no reason. hell i've given out my phone number at the drop of a hat to a troll just to yell at them in person, but alass they never called. why is it they never call? i feel so unloved.....

i've delt with many people like him and a lot worse, unfortunately i won't hide and i'm the type that would just as soon deal face to face then on a forum. i probably have a better idea of whats going on then most of the people on this board as far as trolls go.

all i'm saying is this is not the right context to be doing this and is just going to fuel it when he does come back and this is no better then what he was doing. you have this concern you shoulda sent an email to bernhard and let him make a public post about what he wants the community to do. and as i feel this is a completely inappropriate way to handle these issues i'm not gonna comment on this thread anymore.

but hey that's just my opinion right?
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