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Default Re: Troll Control.

Originally Posted by azrae1l View Post
how ironic...

a whole thread dedicated to trolling a banned troll. isn't publicly bashing another person against the rules here?
I think you're being sincere so let me see if I can explain why this stuff is a serious issue when the wrong kind of guy tries to know too much and causes trouble with you on the Internet to where the whole trolling issue goes somewhere else and turns serious.

Now I might have some of this right and some it wrong. But I was able to do this in less than five minutes with the help of a regular search engine.

On September 14 you were not wanting to do your English homework.

You were a pretty intense dancer at your brother's wedding, or was that your sister? All I know is that the bride was blonde and beautiful.

You care more about drumming than driving, because you love your gear but you drive around an older teal colored compact that's missing a hubcap on the front right wheel.

At the very least you're at considering pro drumming, if you're not involved already, because you've got professionally done black and white glossies out.

You have a healthy respect for performance art.

You've had an ocassional e incident yourself from time to time so you keep a lot of your personal information to yourself

Is your name Aryelle?

How did I do?

Now imagine if you're a lower end semi public drummer with an e presence and a couple of crazies want to do stuff?

I'm not trying to be a jerk here, but there's just more to it than you think.

Issues with this guy have gone on for years. And judging by your interest in having people stay out of your business when not asked I would think you would understand the concern. This guy is past any concern for much of anything.
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