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Default Grrove Alchemy - sound of the recording - room problems?

First I am a huge fan of both Stanton and well recorded music. That is why I offer this constructive criticism of how the new album sounds.
Given the picture in the sleeve it appears these gentleman recorded live in a room together - which is to be applauded. However there is what I assume is a huge problem with the room that accentuates the hell out of the mid bass. It affects everything the low toms, the bass , the piano, the organ etc. Wasn't this heard in the room or on playback? Was it mixed with headphones? Were the monitors crappy and/or in a crappy listening area? Maybe this sound is preferred for some reason? Was it mixed for listening in a car?

Stanton please study up on room/ sound interface characteristics and find someone who can help with this problem. I recommend Ethan Winer (No affiliation) but there are many other people you can see.

(Before anyone suggests it is my system etc let me offer that my system and room are set up well. Not the best but well. I know where the nodes are etc. With some properly placed absorption and a little DSP I handle the nodes and reflections pretty well and can hear it as well as see it using test programs on my laptop)
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