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Default Re: Troll Control.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Hey Stan, didn't know he'd had a general potshot at everyone. Just trying to see things from the other side - how he'd be seeing things through his eyes. Once the red mist comes down people can do things they later regret (or should regret). Methinks he has a lot of red mist.

Don't get wrong ... I've just always had sympathy for underdogs, even when they are batty. That's just how I roll. I will readily forgive people for giving me hell too - usually twice. Like Harry, I think three strikes and out is a nice rule of thumb.

Never mind. Since he's a poor listener so at least we'll have less of those circular arguments that are such thread-killers ...
He did Polly...truth.

Speaking of underdogs i'm the expert on it but I don't carry a big chip on my shoulder about doing my own thing or go around attacking everyone who crosses my path with personal childish insults and such. Just putting the music out there honestly because that's what I do. I might use a little sarcasm and dark humour around here to break things up especially with the obvious trolls but by no means mean to the bone attacks like fired my way or at other folks by these jokers. You can check my long post record here on that one.....

I'm simply the one who defends my position with the clear facts of the matter at hand when the rocket launches come flying in which usually sets these same nut balls off even more every time when they realize the cat's out of the bag that the emperor has no clothes to back up there mean intent that started all the "fun" to begin.

I thinks Matt's right too that he tried to play you on this one girl........

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