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With those of us with ties all over the Internet it's an overall body of work to also be considered. And no you don't just say well here, I didn't see as much of that etc, etc...Part of the game is to start a fire one place then come to the friendly open door Drummerworld and reinvent yourself. Then you build up just enough friendly attributes so that they can be cashed in just in time for sympathy points when the inevitable house fire comes.

Polly, I'm not trying to be offensive to you at all when I say this. I'm really not. But I think Mark has very much played you here. And in numerous instances I have seen this behavior from him at other places. It's his game, and it's only yet another bizarre tactic. And believe me when you're usefulness is done in his eyes you will be a primary target because he will think you let him down. Then I very much want to see your comments, although I will do my level best not to say told you so.

See, what you might not be aware of is that this guy will often be playing several e venues at the same time, all with the agenda of creating a personal greatness persona and destroying as many of his imaginary enemies as possible. For a long time his three main venues of choice were drumsmylife, youtube and here. Just his drumsmylife persona alone should have ended his Internet participation forever because he was 1000 times worse there than he ever has been here.

See Polly/and others/ it really takes little sleuth work to know these things. DW isn't even close to being the only drum forum on the Internet, and for a handful of us younger guys who are kind of out there but not entirely established we make the best targets, because bat our respective ages we have obvious chinks in the armour that drives never was types like Mark crazy, because they're intensely mad that we're getting silly mid range attention and they're not. I think all that plays into all the other issues these guys have, and Bernhard's also right. When these guys start drinking and using too, then watch out. If you want further confirmation just ask Tom Grossett what has happened to him on numerous forums where trolls attacked him in several venues simultaneously for having the nerve to release popular youtubes of movie soundtracks. I never will forget that attack they gave him on the Harmony Central forums. It was crazy over there for well over a week. Who knows why that drives them nuts? But it does.

Then in Mark's case, he will even create another more humble almost victim like persona at drumchat. This is also a game, because he uses those posts to demonstrate to the world what a good guy he is when evil sobs like me ambush him when all he was trying to do was trying to do was be a friendly member of the gang before everyone got all mean with him.

I'm sorry that's just insane behavior with remarkable immaturity attached, a pretty lethal combination I think when dealing with people. And again if you don't think those kinds of guys don't pull their game in real life with more physical consequences, then I have a police report I'd like to show you. Interestingly enough that guy's initial behavior was identical to that incident, as was the forum guy who was supposedly waiting for me at a WFD comp to in his words see how fast my hands truly were. Now can you imagine a 40 year old guy actually waiting out in front of the NAMM convention for a 16 year kid to show up with a golf club in his hand because he didn't like that I contradicted him about the uses for traditional grip?

Well believe me, they're out there.

Then even if this guy's not certifiable he's at best a delusional immature child, always starting fights for no reason, then running behind a tree with a slingshot when the heat's on. Harry, you may have also forgotten his Mad Max persona. How many threads were erased over that persona? Or how about White Drummer and his racial phobias? For anyone still defending this, does none of that seriously not concern you?

Personally, I am long past defending myself for dealing out guys like this. The WFD era alone was enough to let me know quite a few things about how far people on the Internet will go to insure their imaginary little worlds.

Finally, I spent about 45 minutes last night just cleaning up psycho troll youtube comments that talked about my mom and several other related topics. Now I'm not even saying Mark did any of that, but copycats then always read forums and pull stuff besides. They're out there too.

This also doesn't mean you throw out the Internet entirely. We're just in the Dodge City era now before world wide regulation inevitably hits in a few years. So for now you take care of yourself and your business the best way you can, because this is the way we're going to be doing business for a long time to come.
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