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Originally Posted by Pkaneps View Post
I saw on the news this morning that some kid living in a college dorm jumped off the George Washington Bridge and killed himself because his roommate videotaped him having sex without his knowledge and put it on the internet.

That sucks, but enough to kill yourself? There was another case (or two) a few months back and a middle school kid killed himself because someone called him gay in school, and another a girl was bullied so she hung herself. I feel like this generation is full of wimps...or am I just insensitive? When I was in elementary/middle school, 'gay' was the only insult we knew. Then we fought in the dirt. That's what kids do.

I don't understand it, and why there's so much sympathy. Sure, it's sad, but what kind of kids do that?
Actually, I think theres less sympathy these times. You see people making fun of the holocaust, laughing at people hurting themselves and worse, and since the invention of the internet, It's been almost doubled. On the internet you are anonymous, which seems to turn on the douchebag-switch on most people.
I also see people caring more for animals than people, but that's another discussion.

I was bullied a lot in school because I was different, and it ended in some idiot choking me in the school-yard. When I think back at it now, I probably could've handled it better, and I was perhaps too sensitive. I don't know. The point is, people are different. Someone can take a hit and still stand, while others falter and fall into depression. I know, I've been there.
Bullying now has become worse too. People take pictures of the victim in the showers and post them on facebook. Total ridicule and destroying most relations to other people.

As for suicide, I feel that it's mostly the easy way out(except if you have some horrible disease or have nothing left). Think about the parents, family members or friends that care about you, and all the pain you will cause with taking your own life.
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