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Default Re: Can Drummers Cook?

OK ... here's a fast, easy one.
Cook up some pasta ... spaghetti, rotellinni, whatever....
In a skillet, heat some olive oil ... with finely diced garlic ... til the garlic starts to brown
Now, throw some chopped spinach into the skillet. This won't need to be on the heat very long, at all.
OK, drain the pasta, throw the oil, garlic, spinach onto the pasta (like it's sauce). Set aside, not done yet.
Take that same skillet. Cook up as many eggs, sunnyside up, as you have people to feed.
This is where a little pre-sen-ta-tion helps. Take the pasta out to the table, on a serving plater. Let peoples serve themselves some pasta.
Round the table you go, dropping a sunnyside up egg on top of everyones pasta heap.
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