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Default Re: Troll Control.

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Bernhard didn't seem to have much of a problem deleting his entire thread on the spot after reading the final chapter on this guys best effort of a nasty to the bone delivery..
NO!! Yes i have problems to erase whole threads. But when i try to delete some posts of a user, the quotes about his posts - with included posts themselfs - stay up. So i should starting also to edit the replies and then again also some more answers. This is sometimes tricky and time consuming and not my favourite task.
So it's better is to make me aware of the problems as soon they lift off...

And NO, i don't think the posters have a plan to be gentle two months and then turning nasty.
My take on this: They have problems with substances or/and alcohol and start their attacks under influence. I know this from dealing with two ex-members, which contacted me with apologies.

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