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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Harry, people sometimes do funny things ...
Indeed, my join date is Jan. 2006. I seen that cat come...and go...3 times now.
In fact, i've seen quite a few cats, come and go. I suffer from CRS (can't remember squat). So one of the "things" I started "doing" was writting down real peoples names, and ages, next to their user names ... whenever someone offered that info up. 'cause so many people are here under the "witness protection program" .... no name, no age ... nadda info. typed into their profile.
Now, mind you, this is just a memory aid. Or started out, that way. Then, I started adding "footnotes" .... this cats cool .... this guys a 17 y.o. chucklehead, etc. Then the 1st time "someone" got banned ... I looked on my list ... oh yeah ... chucklehead.... figures.
Well, you shoulda read some of the "member" reactions to this guy getting banned ... How could they? He didn't deserve it? And I thought to myself ... waddaya mean, the guy went way outta bounds.
So this led me to start "the list" .... and no, I don't mean the list, that Guitar Center has, of prices so low.... no ... my "list" of cats that should be/are looking to be banned ...
Now, I won't say who's on the list, but it's about 4 years old. I won't saw how many names are on the list, but I will say I'm running about 80% right, as far as who I write down, and then who gets the boot. And only 2 names ... on my list ... are still active members, here, currently. No doubt, they cleaned up their act, a bit.
Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I suspect Mark was trying to show that he could actually play and wasn't a pretender, ie. "I might not be able to read but I can play okay". I doubt he wouldn't have expected his foes from the other thread to comment and rag his playing out because they hardly ever comment in the Your Playing section, and those who are regulars there are usually highly supportive.

That's my take on it ...
My take on it ... is the cat's a sociopath...
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