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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Harry, people sometimes do funny things when the red curtain comes down. Funny people do even funnier things ... I've seen whole nations do funny things when blinded by frustration and anger ... it's a funny old world ...

I suspect Mark was trying to show that he could actually play and wasn't a pretender, ie. "I might not be able to read but I can play okay". I doubt he wouldn't have expected his foes from the other thread to comment and rag his playing out because they hardly ever comment in the Your Playing section, and those who are regulars there are usually highly supportive.

That's my take on it ...
Just to set the record straight before history gets rewritten on his behavior Polly. I never ONCE commented about his playing BUT he sure came back in FULL attack mode with both barrels blazing to sure get mean spirited with me, about me, and my playing in a very negative and personal level and way. Many others here too were on the same lovely recieving end and NONE of it was very pretty or called for in my view.

Did you miss his "wonderful" summary about the general quality of the drummers who are members here at DW and where he put himself in direct comparison in that regard? It wasn't flattering or pretty believe me or correct by any stretch of the imagination from this poor tormented soul, just full of hate and contempt for everyone and their playing on the forum. Guess not?......

Bernhard didn't seem to have much of a problem deleting his entire thread on the spot after reading the final chapter on this guys best effort of a nasty to the bone delivery. Banned yet again.

That's the facts and lets stick to them in case you have a personal problem with him being banned which correct me if i'm wrong is the impression from you i'm getting at this point. He went WAY over the line in a sad negative way and got banned....that's the truth from someone in the direct line of fire of his sad display of forum behavior as it went down.


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