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Default Re: Troll Control.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Could well be, Stan. So it wasn't the reading thread? After a while I tuned out of that one because it became one of those painful round-and-round things.

If it was the troll music thread, I might have missed him being insulting on there because there were some pretty harsh comments directed at him and it wasn't fun to read (although I liked Jay's tips early on). But some responses seemed to be designed to bring the worst of an unstable character with weird paradigms. Personally, I prefer not to poke a rabid dog in the eye (most of the time ... ahem)

Still, credit where credit's due - the seat belt and milk threads cracked me up :)
Yes that one... the last 20 posts got pretty ugly with the insults {from him} flying free with the last one from him directed towards ALL of us being the grand prize winner that bought him him the one way ticket out of here Polly.

To say he had some serious "issues" to take care of would be a complete understatement LOL!

The ongoing meatloaf references kept me hungry though :}

P.S. trust me he'll try to come back under yet another new name to finish the job because he's just to pissed off at the world {us} to let it go. You'll know him when you see him right away though as I said to Bernhard.

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