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Default Re: Troll Control.

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Well you may have missed the other thread that sent him into space then Polly LOL!

His less than positive intentions and direct insults {at many} were as plain as the nose on your face in that one...just saying and the clear reason why some folks get shown the door by the host who's flipping the bill here.
Could well be, Stan. So it wasn't the reading thread? After a while I tuned out of that one because it became one of those painful round-and-round things.

If it was the troll music thread, I might have missed him being insulting on there because there were some pretty harsh comments directed at him and it wasn't fun to read (although I liked Jay's tips early on). But some responses seemed to be designed to bring the worst of an unstable character with weird paradigms. Personally, I prefer not to poke a rabid dog in the eye (most of the time ... ahem)

Still, credit where credit's due - the seat belt and milk threads cracked me up :)
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