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Default Re: Troll Control.

harry, When I post an unpopular view, I expect to take some crap for posting it.
I have already thought about it before I posted, and I have anticipated what I am going to say to defend my view.
When people attack me for my unpopular view, I don't get mad because I was expecting that reaction.
I understand that the majority of the world will not support an unpopular view.

Usually I receive a private message form one or two people that support me.
I then know that I made my point and I am not alone in the world!

A troll doesn't think this way.
He thinks that he can bend the world to his way of thinking or he simply says unpopular things for the sake of saying them.
He will then get mad when people don't agree with him.
He will keep on going and going until he loses it and he gets banned.
He simply wants to make trouble.
I kind of like old drums:)

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