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Default Re: Troll Control.

Trolls are people deliberately say things online that are not necessarily their beliefs, just anything that will get forum members excited. This should not be confused with sincere people who happen to think differently to most others or those who challenge the status quo because they feel there is too much groupthink going on.

To me, the intention to create conflict for the buzz is what distinguishes trolls from renegades. I think the word is bandied about too loosely and I've seen people being called a troll incorrectly (IMO) for simply holding on to their belief systems.

I think that Tommy/Stickit/Whatever sincerely believed what he said in the reading thread, just that his thoughts were naive and and intransigent. However, previous threads suggest that he feeds on conflict and the strong emotions it raises so the line is a bit blurry. Personally, I really dislike feeding frenzies on perceived outsiders. I think it's cruel and there are more civilised ways of resolving problems.

Not trying to inflame anyone or trying to speak beyond my station, that's just how I feel. I also find Matt's sleuthing work pretty scary ... makes you wonder how much people know about you on the web ... definitely a message to be cautious about putting personal info online ...
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