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When I think of a good drummer the first thing that comes to mind is of course their skills but what if it goes deeper than that? To me a drummer isn’t just a person, who plays drums, they are certain form of a person and drums shape them to who they are as a person. I mean lets face it, we drummers have an attitude and a style but the drummer who tops all of us in that point is none other than Tre Cool from Green Day. The man with the passion, energy and the ever inflated ego. Listening to Tre Cool playing his drum part to songs like “American Idiot” “Welcome to Paradise” and probably his most famous drum part “Jesus of suburbia” gives you a sense of what drummers are there for, to give a rock steady beat with crazy fast fills and plenty of crashing away at cymbals. But listening to Tre cool is just not enough to get the whole picture of him, you have to see the man playing his heart out for 2 hours straight and looking like he’s having the best time of his life! A lot of people know Tre cool for his absurdly funny faces when he plays live and the way he collapses over his drum set and rolls on stage at the end of concerts and also his habit for tearing up his drum kit and lighting it on fire are just some of his more memorable crazy stunts. Another thing I like about Tre is that he has stayed with the same band all his life and gives his complete attention to it. That can’t be easy for a pro drummer to do but I guess he feels the same way I do that without him Green Day would not be the same Green Day because really his personality and his style of drumming fits perfectly with the band because they couldn’t make the same great songs or live shows without him. Its like saying “oh yeah Ringo star isn’t that good the beatles could have had a way better drummer but without Ringo who knows if the Beatles would have been as popular because without that extra chemistry that Ringo added with his personality and his simple but steady rock beats the music and the band as a whole would be a lot different. So next time you hear green day on the radio or watch him on TV be sure to pay attention to the drumming. And if you think His drumming isn’t that great try and remember that who he is as a person makes up for it. LONG LIVE TRE COOL!
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