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Default Re: Troll Control.

Originally Posted by Mendozart View Post
You really need to stick to the golden rule, "Don't feed the trolls". Mark will be back again, and you just need to ignore him. On another forum, he has personally admitted to having personal problems which requires medication. He will be back.

BTW, I do tend to try to be civil with him, so that the negativity stays at a minimum. Like Rodney King once said, "Can't we all get along"? ;-P
I understand your thoughts in principle, but I take this issue a little more seriously. When you've changed your phone number 2 or 3 times and had to deal with a guy who says he wants to do stuff to you then your attitude may change, in fact I'm sure of it.

Mark most likely would never go this far, but what he often does is no different than crank calling day and night and egging your house. And in the real world both of those things are illegal in almost every country.

I spend a great deal of time with e presentations and no one likes a guy just showing up with a hammer, while more often than you think they eventually insert their stuff into the three dimensional world.

Again I see the seriousness part here more of an age related issue. We younger guys understand well the interconnectedness of the Internet with real life, while some older guys with issues think the whole genre is no more than an elaborate video game that shares little relationship with anything real, when they couldn't be more wrong.

Besides this isn't an issue here of a troll just attacking from out of the blue. Mark, for example will often in the beginning play normally for weeks, then insert himself more aggressively before he entirely reveals himself. This time he was even calling people Mate to seal the identity issue before he dropped the other shoe. But still, like a guy who wants to be caught he will always post a picture somewhere of that same drumset. But you miss that for a while because you're not thinking that everyone who joins this forum might be Mark the troll.

But mostly it's a waste of time. This forum is about drum discussion. We're not an out patient alternative for people with issues, nor are such concepts even supposed to be on the radar.

According to a letter Bernhard just sent to many us...the correct response is to report it the moment you know.

That makes total sense and I think that's the only thing you can reasonably do.
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