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[quote=aydee;749745But Jazz, yea.. what with the J word? Why is it that Jazz brings out all the 'Madmax-like' warriors with their ray-guns from their 'drumgeons' ?

'tis a puzzlement..
[/QUOTE]I can only offer that the majority on the forum don't/can't play jazz and therefore have no real empathy with the genre. I include myself in that sector. So the question is, why doesn't metal get the same reaction? I think the trigger (non deliberate metal referance) is perceived snobbery. The "I occupy a higher place than you" attitude that a tiny minority of jazz players seem hellbent on thrusting down other player's throats is to blame IMO. Strange thing is, I've never encountered that attitude on these boards, so I can only assume tension is established by association default.

The truth of the matter is, that most accomplished jazz players do indeed occupy a higher place in the musician skills hierarchy, & many non jazz players know that to be the case. Some non jazz artists then succumb through their perception of personal vulnerability and react defensively. The circle begins. I think most non jazz players would have much less of an issue if the impression of superiority wasn't accompanied by a devaluing of non jazz genres. Again, I've not experienced that on these boards either, so I can only conclude stances are taken based on preconceptions.
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