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Default Re: Troll Control.

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
... But seriously, I think Bernhard is working very hard to keep things positive and civil around here, and he allows for a large degree of acceptance for some pretty funky posters and postings, and those that value that should help him keep this place free of " these crazy little things called trolls"

I agree ... so much of topical discussion here, is based on opinion. And everyone has one ... and is entitled to one ... and no one's opinion is "any" more valid, than someone elses. And Bernhard gives us all a pretty long leash. But a cat like this Mark guy, well, 3 strikes, you're out dude. I think it's quite an easy concept to understand ... that if you get 86'd from a place ... that's it ... done ... fin. Especially a guy from Texas, should understand the concept.
No doubt, this guy will probably be back. Someone ID's him, or 5 or 10 someone's, hit the alert button, and let Bernhard and DB handle the rest. We don't need to get all vigilante and medieval on the guy ... that would be, too much fun ...
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