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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Now where's that "best Echina for jazz" thread, lol!
...but there's a difference, Andy. Nastiness and targeting people is one thing but I'll admit some fire and brimstone and differences are absolutely necessary otherwise we'd have a neutral grey and inbred dweeb colony where everyone plays Ludwigs and agrees with each other .

The country north of south Korea comes to mind..

But Jazz, yea.. what with the J word? Why is it that Jazz brings out all the 'Madmax-like' warriors with their ray-guns from their 'drumgeons' ?

'tis a puzzlement..

I mean all of rock n roll is pretty cool and accepting and there's lots of agreement there. Bonham was the man, The Bealtes were the phenoms, the Brit history etc and so on...

The echo of "Why is Jazz a four letter word" stills lingers..

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