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Default Re: Troll Control.

Can't believe I responded to the "Should I trade this Mapex for a Ludwig" thread.....and STILL didn't make the association.

Sometimes I think I could be as deluded as Tommy/Johnny/Max/Stickit, is.

Any bookies amongst us? I'd like odds on how long it takes that bona fide lunatic to show up again......I'm willing to wager on that one (Hi've just gotta be stalking, I just know you won't be able to help yourself).

"I didn't know what a troll was ( until Stan educated me with some fine 3D illustrations ), but I do know what being pointlessly rude and insulting is. I dont associate that tenor with this site which is why this is the only place I visit. I hope it stays that way"

I know now Aydee.......I'm still yet to grasp who is THAT sad that they'd bother though. Agreed.....I only have one forum that I visit and have no wish to see it exploited.
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