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Originally Posted by DogBreath
I first saw Van Halen in concert back in 1980 or '81. It was an amazing show, but everything was kind of lost in the shadow of David Lee Roth. Not that I'm complaining. He's a tremendous showman. Alex Van Halen was great way back then, and it's been interesting following his drumming from album to album.

I don't think that the band Van Halen gets enough credit for bringing rock and roll back into the mind of a world that was being hypnotised by disco.

"I look at Van Halen as social workers. What we're really doing is creating jobs for rock critics." - Alex Van Halen, Creem Magazine, May 1984
You're very right, that they don't get enough credit. They really were the first in 1978 to bring good rock n' roll back, and kick Punk rock's and Disco's butt...altho I do like some Punk Rock. Also, I saw his solo in the 1983 rock festival, this DVD my uncle has, and it wasn't all that great, but pretty good. Mostly, he just hit a tom tom really fast...Also, David Lee Roth is hilarious.
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