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Originally Posted by droveto View Post
I wonder if he's the same person that gave me problems on
That person was a Peter Criss fanatic who when everyone finally turned on her antics, came out and said she had cancer. She was a he, and I called his employer to let them know how he was spending his time at work on their computers. :)
I have found over the past 5 years that 90% of all the trolls on drum forums are 10 guys tops. This same guy we're discussing here almost singlehandedly destroyed the drumsmylife forum. Go over there now. I'll bet no one's posted in a month. That used to be a very healthy place. But see, guys like's only about them.

Then strangely he's sort of OK at drumchat. But that's mostly because he has posted 360 times and has started over 80 different threads. so any time he posts he's in total control within the confines of his own thread. And when he posts video he's assured that 3 or so very friendly amateur guys always gives him positive input. In fact one of them /and the primary mod/ is a minister who tolerates nothing that even remotely looks to go negative. So there he's totally insulated. It seems like a good place for him too. But it doesn't get the action this place gets, and I think he really wants the bigger e stage for his little show. Sad isn't it?

BTW, if any of you who were in this last fracas has youtubes, better disable the ratings and comments for at least a week until he chills out. That's usually where he goes next.
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