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Default Troll Control.

Hey Guys,

As many of you know, we had one of our more celebrated trolls finally show his regular true colors and destroy 2 perfectly good threads before bumping one of his own and trashing that one too. As is his usual custom he then psycho insulted everyone within a post of his before the usual banning.

I have since heard that some of you knew in advance that Stickit was in fact the same trouble maker aka: juststickinaround, tommycanuhearme, mad max, white drummer, johnny ringo and several others. Please guys, the only way we put a stop to this stuff is when you contact a moderator the minute you figure it out. This guy's Stickit persona actually waited 3 months this time before deciding to pull his usual idiocy, and no it's not all harmless fun. 4 years ago I had a very serious incident occur over a stupid forum troll and cops were brought in.

These guys are no laughing matter, and despite what some here believe they don't automatically change their stripes when they come back under a different name. Now in saying this I am in no way implying that

johnnyjuststickinstickittommycanuhearmemadwhitedru mmermaxringoaround

is the worst case scenario, but come on aren't you sick of the garbage, and coming from a 50+ year old man besides?

At the very least guys like this punk the dialogue we're trying to create here because they don't understand the value of positive Internet communication. For some of these guys the e world is just this big toy to be punked and ridiculed, never expected to attain the magnificence and glory of pencils, paper and posters. They don't understand or even care that for many of us younger guys especially, this is where we've grown up, learned much of this very new way of doing business, and are seen and heard in a structured and rather amazing equal playing field for all marketplace.

Every time Troll the Drumming Hack punks a thread, not only does it sidetrack important dialogue on the Internet's most important drum site, it's the equivalent of a punk spray painting the DW sign or drawing mustaches and gap tooths on the posters many of us spent a lot of time creating.

Mostly guys like this are mad because they can't play up to the level they thought as middle aged players they would have attained a long time ago, and they want every one to be as miserable and limited as they are, because they refused to make the exact positive choices that many of you on this forum are making now in a timely manner.

No you don't ignore them. You obviously see how futile that is right? Let's just put a stop to these clowns once and for all.

When you spot one of these characters, call the mod and let's end it quick.

I think enough is enough. Let's get them out of the chat room and into the practice room where they belong.
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