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Default Re: How to write a music ad

"Flinching Midget Dick" is such a cool name, it makes me wish there really was a band called that. Didn't they open for Descended Testicle?

"we have been trhu atleast 6 drummers in the last year or so and none of them were good enuff. they had a bad attitude. we are all great musicans and are playing the hotest indy rock in town for sure. we have attrackted major industrey labels and will be signed soon. do you have wat it takes? must have blazin double bass skills and chops and be able to top out at 280 bpm for long songs. the harder the better!!!! beat those skinz!!!! influences include molly's wet hatchback. green incisors - fuzzywang - flinching midget dick - gypsy nipples and more. we have profesional gear and attitudes and you should to. and your own transportation. a little 420 is cool to. email zach the dark and put "SEROUS DRUMMER" IN THE subject line or we wont even answer the email."
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