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Hmm lets think about this, basically this comes down to 'what makes a good drummer'.

I have played for 6 years and am 15 years old and can comfortable play pretty much everything on Greendays latest album. The thing is, for all you know tre cool walks off the stage and plays some latin grooves ect that would blow you away, he plays simple things on the stage because they fit - less is more?

Lets take U2's drummer Larry Mullen for example. I think he is a truly great drummer, yet he plays mindblowingly simple beats for most of his songs. Off stage i know that he could play some really amazing stuff, but he keeps it simple and it fits.

Basically what i think is that a drummer who does his job, keeps the time and plays the right stuff at the right time but in a minimalistic sense is sooooo much better for a band and more useful for anyone than a drummer who spends the whole time trying to show just how fast his, or her (god forbid) double pedal can go...

Saying that i personally do not look to tre cool for inspiration, because his name is too pretentious
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