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Default Re: Cant practice. Whats a good instrument to switch to?

When people tell me they can't practice or don't have anywhere to practice, I find it hard to believe. I was a over the road truck driver for years and I still drive from Chicago to Oklahoma every week. I'm home 4 nights a week but the other 3 nights I needed to find a way to practice. I got a knee practice pad like the one that Steve Smith uses. But about a year ago I figured out how to get practice and make it a bit more fun then just a pad. I got a rhythm coach, kd8, and a Cy-8 and put them in my truck. I got a cable make by Roland just for this kinda of set up. The rhythm coach has a lot of learning tools on it and is easy to carry with you on the road.They work great and can fold up small enough that they aren't in my way. It took a little bit of money but as drummers we know this hobby isn't cheap. You wanna play a cheap instrument, play the washboard.
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