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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Like any genre of music, it will speak to some and not others.
If you are under 30 and live in the inner city, you will probably love it.
If you're like me and in my 50's who was raised comfortably in the suburbs, it's annoying.
I need a melody. Rhyming is cool and hard to do, but where's the melody? Not to mention harmony. I like steady grooves, but need something more than that, I need a really great drum part for me to take notice. Plus the lyrics are for a different generation than mine.
Trust me when you're in your 50's your kids will be listening to stuff that doesn't resonate with you in the least, and you too will be seen as closed minded lol.
Yeah that's pretty concise summation. Although, one thing that always bothered me was hearing people talking about how you can't understand what rappers say. And it always reminds of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" (the original version) released as a single in '77. Now in my opinion, Steven Tyler "singing" on that song is up to par style/rhyme wise as most rappers today. As a matter of fact, if you listen to Run DMC's stuff during their heyday, they had to really step up their skills to match Tyler's ability. I remember seeing an interview with Run DMC talking about the collaboration. And they're sitting there listening to the original version, and they say to each other, "what' all of this fast mumbling going on?". Kind of makes me giggle to myself.

If you're interested, give this a listen. It's from a project that just came out from one of my favorite producers, Ski Beatz. It's got rappers Curren$y and Whosane, along with vocalist Terri Walker. There's a very nice soulful sound to it. You might be surprised.
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