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Top 5 Fav. Bands
Deep Purple
Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath
Judas Priest

Top 5 Fav. Albums
In Rock
Led Zeppelin II
Heaven & Hell
Hell Bent For Leather
Sheer Heart Attack

Top 5 Fav. Drummers
Ian Paice
John Bonham
Bill Ward
Roger Taylor
Carmine Appice

Top 5 Fav. Guitarists
Ritchie Blackmore
Tony Iommi
Jimmy Page
Brian May
Alex Lifeson
........................+ the living legend: Jimi Hendrix.

Top 5 Fav. Bass players
Steve Harris
Geezer Butler
John Entwistle
Phillip Lynott
John Paul Jones

Top 5 Fav. Singers
Ian Gillan
Rob Halford
Freddie Mercury
Bruce Dickinson
Ronnie James Dio

Top 5 Fav. Keyboard players (new one!)
Ray Manzarek
Jon Lord
Dr. xxxxx (Rammstein)
Mark Mothersbaugh
"Forget the message, forget the lyrics, and just play." - Ginger Baker
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