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My set up:
Drums- Tama Swingstar(black).
1.22 Bass drum.
2.14/5 wood snare drum .
3.9-12 Tom Tom
4.10-13 Tom Tom
5.16-16 Floor tom.
6. 10/3 custom Gladnick Snare drum.
7.8/2 custom Gladnick Picollo tom
8.Tama 12/6 hand-hammered steel snare.

1.Tama Velo Glide 2 legged hi-hat stand
2.Tama Boom Stand
3. Tama Tom holder.
4.Magnum boom stand (3)
5.Gibraltar clamp/boom arm.(cymbal)
6.Gibralter clamp (jam blocks)
6.Tama 1st chair Throne.
7.Tama Iron Cobra . Power Glide Pedals.
8.Tama Snare Drum Stand.
9.Gladnick Snare Stand.
10.Pearl tambourine with clamp/mounting system
11.Lp Jam Blocks(2)
12.Tama cymbal attachment with boom arm

1.Sabian AAX stage 14 Hi-Hats.
2.Sabian AAX stage 20 Ride.
3.Sabian B8 6 Splash.
4.SabianB8 8 Splash
5.Sabian 18 Signature Hand Hammered Crash.
6.Sabian 16 AA Crash.
7.Sabian 18 AAX China
8.Wuhan 10 Chinese Cymbal.
9.Zildjian 20 Earth ride

Don't miss the old man in the back :)
Tama,Sabian,Evans,Promark. Hell yeah
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