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Default Re: A drummer's story- A novel by drummerworld.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
"... bloody tragic, I admit", Mr Obdurat smirked, wiping the rye bread crumbs from the folds in his chin that failed to be dislodged with the prior jiggling. "Still, if the little blighter is as guilty as he looks ..."

I shuffled nervously again. It wasn't my fault! I needed to study some serious music if I was going to improve and everyone knew that Mr Obdurat was Da Man when it came to fine music. I don't think he noticed that I'd nicked his Abba Waterloo single the other week.

"Lionel, are you shaying that my shon ish a pilfrar ... pifler ... theif?" Mum growled.

"Not exactl'y Meg," the fat man soothed, "It's just that ..."
" best friend Humperdink Weckl's son Dave is vistin' this weekend, and he absolutely loves listening to Astley's " Never gonna give up on you", and now I dont have it!! Joshua..well, did you BORROW my CD, son?"
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