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Default Re: Bass Player-less band?

Originally Posted by jonutarr View Post
Get one of the guitarist to play bass
Kind of worked out for the Quarrymen

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I need bass guitar. Bass pedals, basslines played on a keyboard, are OK but have NEVER got me off. Yea gimme a bass guitar with a funky ass player thumping on it. The bass guitar is such a cool instrument. It perfectly bridges the rhythm to the melody. I would love to be a great bass player even more than a great drummer. (because I could get out front and be more a part of things).

So put me in the camp that needs low end in their songs, if not from a bass, then from something. I wouldn't play in a bassless band unless there was no other choice.
There is a difference between folks who can play something with their left hand and folks who can groove with it. Have you heard Blue Monday with Cliff Coulter kicking bass? Chris Cain is also on the album and said that one the best bass players he's ever played with was Clifford's left hand.

Or Jonny Henderson on the Matt Schofield live album.

Or one of my favorites, Neal Evans of Soulive.

And then there's Charlie Hunter, absolutely sick groove played on the bottom 3 strings of an 8 string guitar.

But back to the OP. I've heard thrash/punk bands get away with it. But if you want a groove, I'm with Larry and the others. You need someone down in basement holding it together.
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