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The internet... where the English language comes to die.

Back on the topic though. I'd say for the last year or so I've completely fallen back into hip hop (Peanut Butter Wolf & Charisma got it kickin'), and have kind of given up on rock music. There are several rock oriented bands that I stay up on and a few a few new ones making a name for themselves, but overall I've been let down the last five years or so. I mean it takes a band 1-3 years to put out an album, all the while you've got rappers who can put out a mixtape of new stuff and bypass all of the nonsense. so just on the basis of productivity, hip hop's got the over rock music in spades. I also feel like it's all been done before. Metal however is thriving, although I'm not too big on metal; the cats can PLAY though.

Rap/Hip Hop is in an interesting position right now. A lot of the major labels are still struggling to get hip to the digital medium (i.e. allowing the word to get out on a project or artist as opposed to suing an artist or producer for sampling something), all the while pushing out garbage artists like the seasons change. The underground is what's good though. Most of those cats have dealt with the industry before and are "noticeably" jaded and in turn going indie. Damon Dash for example, former head of Roc-a-fella has been on point getting like minded artists together to put out some very solid stuff.

Jay-Z specifically, can still put out a chart topper, but album wise I think the cat's doing what most of these rappers do; get a couple of chart topping jams and the rest of the album is a flop. Although the Grey Album was doooooooope!!!

J-Dilla; man one of the greatest and most influential producers. If you don't know about him, chances are the cat that did beat on your favorite track is probably, at the very least, very influenced by him.

Madlib is dope as hell!!!, the cat still records solely analog. He still uses 808s and all of those old samplers and gear. Not to mention a workaholic. Check out Oh No, he's related to Lib in some way.

Artists I've been following (in case you're looking for suggestions):
Producers/Beat Makers: Just Blaze, Ski Beatz (workin' a lot with Dame), Nottz, Damu the Fudgemunk; Salaam Remi; Don Cannon.

Rappers: Stalley; Curren$y, The Cool Kids, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Electronica (seriously, if you're sleepin' on this cat, WAKE UP), Joe Budden, Jean Grae.

And Jazz, it's a movement, not a disease. Stay up bruh.
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